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GreenTech Motors: Logo Design

GreenTech Motors is developing an incredible new type of electric motor that is small, light, and super-efficient. Using Boeing-patented technology originally developed for space satellites, GreenTech's LAGER motor packs a huge punch in an extremely small, lightweight frame.

When GreenTech Motors approached Lux Virtual to design their logo we were excited for the opportunity to learn more about the technology behind this new motor. A key part of our process it to gain a deep understanding of our client's technology, because we can't effectively communicate an idea unless we really understand it ourselves. Ron and Burnet from GreenTech Motors patiently walked us through how their motor worked, and how it stacked up to the competition. Even though a logo may look simple, we think that the most powerful logos are more than just pretty pictures; they should communicate something central about the company. (For a discussion on the Lux Virtual name and logo, see the blog post here).

In a nutshell, GreenTech's motor comprises a thick copper inner ring and an ultra-lightweight outer ring of magnets in a special configuration. The patented construction and fabrication techniques trim off a huge chunk of weight, leaving the motor light, powerful, and efficient.

When designing the logo, we had a couple ideas that we presented to Ron and Burnet. The first, which we titled "Pinnacle of Efficiency" keys in on the idea of high-power in a lightweight frame. We looked to nature and found inspiration in the hummingbird, a bird whose ultra-low weight and efficient use of energy beautifully symbolized the appeal of GreenTech's new motor. The wings are splayed up in a circular shape, suggesting the outline of the ring motor. The font, Enzo Bold, is both modern and friendly.

Our second design, which we called "A Greener Tomorrow" combines the slightly sturdier Facit typeface with an icon depicting GreenTech's ring motor: the solid core surrounded by a ring of magnets. If you squint your eyes, you'll see that it also looks like a sun with rays beaming out. We felt like this logo did a good job hinting at GreenTech's eco-credibility (with a dawning sun) without being too on-the-nose (i.e. green leaves and panda bears).

In the end, our second option was the winner. Ron and Burnet loved the dual sun/motor icon, and they felt that this logo tastefully communicated their focus on energy efficiency. We are truly honored to have been entrusted to design this logo for GreenTech Motors, and we can't wait to see their team bring this innovative new technology to market. 

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