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Metro Los Angeles: Safetyville Campaign

We jumped when we got the call from Metro saying they wanted to create a series of animated safety videos inspired by the hilarious Dumb Ways to Die campaign in Melbourne, Australia. How often does a big government agency decide to court controversy with gore and black humor? We could not pass that up.

We worked closely with Metro's internal creative team to come up with the "Safetyville" concept. The idea was to take a peek inside the world of those familiar yellow and black safety signs and see what's really going on in there. It turns that danger lurks around every corner for the unlucky residents that live there.

Although the deaths and dismemberments depicted in the Safetyville series are disturbingly gruesome they are meant to highlight the real danger of fast-moving trains. With Metro's latest expansion into West LA via the Expo Line a whole new swath of the population will be exposed to light-rail trains and their attendant dangers. Metro was willing to push the envelope with these videos because of the real-life dangers it wants LA residents to be aware of.

These videos were a blast to make, and we were honored to have the opportunity to work with Metro in creating this campaign. It's like Dumb Ways to Die, but with an ice-cold LA smirk.


Robert DeCou