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Ray Pulsipher - Education Technologies, Instruction, and Platform

Ray Pulsipher

Education Technologies, Instruction, and Platform

My career thus far has included education, corrections, and developing business infrastructure. 

I have filled the role of a software developer, systems administrator, curriculum designer, instructor, and business owner. I am self motivated and can juggle multiple projects at the same time. 

Much of my time has been spent designing and deploying infrastructure for business and education needs with the purpose of increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Systems should be designed to decrease everyone's work load and have a positive impact on the business process.

I have had the opportunity to build and run multiple education programs over the years. Currently I am teaching inmates to write video games at Clallam Bay Corrections Center. In the process I built an offline education delivery system that automates student IT needs and had the opportunity to share it around Washington State.

Founder & Developer @ Computer Magic