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Sturdy Bird

STURDY BIRD is an animation and design studio with a brave vision and a stout heart. Our highest value is placed in people – our clients, our team, and our community.

OUR STUDIO was founded in 2015 on the top of a mountain in Topanga, CA from the hearts, minds and living room of Mike Colarik and Becky Brensinger. Mike and Becky each have nearly a decade of experience within their respective industries of animation and television production.

These two virtuosos of their fields saw a need for greater integrity within the media industry, driving the decision to launch their own animation company.

Our Mission is to add lasting value to businesses

by creating custom Animation, VFX, Branding and Design

for our clients.

Our Vision is to become a multimedia studio of the highest caliber and integrity. We will build a community that supports, empowers and enriches the lives of our clients and our team through the art of visual story. In doing so, our goal is to lead an enduring movement toward a new, sustainable standard of operation throughout the creative industry.

Mike Colarik, Chief Creative Director at Sturdy Bird