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Flexline Fitness: Introducing Flexline

The Flexline Dynamic Cable Training system uses pneumatic pistons to replace bulky metal weights. The team at Flexline Fitness commissioned Lux Virtual to visually explain their technology and the impact that it will make on the group fitness market.

Tempo Therapeutics: MAP Gel

Tempo Therapeutics has developed a groundbreaking new gel material for treating wounds. It's like a liquid bandage that seals a wound, but on the microscopic level it looks more like a coral reef, allowing tissue to quickly and easily grow back. Read more

UCLA Bioengineering: Micromagnet Research

Coleman Murray is pioneering nanotech research at UCLA's Di CarloMicrofluidic Biotechnology laboratory. His micromanipulator system allows scientists to grab a joystick and command a fleet of millions of tiny particles around and within human cells under a microscope. It's groundbreaking research but it's hard to explain to people how this nano-scale technology actually works.

WST2NRG: Fluid Bed Incinerator

Waste Treatment expert Mike Lewis hired Lux Virtual to create a 3D fly-by video to show clients his new design for a fluid bed incinerator. This is a massive machine (more than 24 feet in diameter) that heats a sand bed with burning hot air. The hot air bubbles up through the sand, eventually creating a red-hot inferno that vaporizes incoming waste.

UCLA New Ventures Group: Logo Design

Lux Virtual worked with Thomas Lipkin and his team at UCLA's Office of Intellectual Property to create the logo design and branding for their New Ventures group. New Ventures connects UCLA startups and entrepreneurs with VC Funding and other necessities to help high-tech startups get off the ground. The logo and branding needed to reflect both the sense of adventure in beginning a new enterprise as well as  the gravitas of a major research university.