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Yvonne King

Content Strategy, Digital Marketing & Events


Asking “why?” is a phase I never outgrew. It goes hand in hand with my passion for storytelling because at the heart of every story is the why. This equally creative and analytical orientation led me to digital marketing but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn before it was hip and real estate agents renamed it "South Williamsburg." Like Tony Manero, I wanted to get over the bridge and my escape was the stories in books, film, and television.

I made it over the bridge to Manhattan and started out in television entertainment at Sesame Street and continued working in media on programs for The History Channel and National Geographic Television. I moved into on-air promotion and marketing with The Rosie O’Donnell Show.


Then came a big move to California, where I landed at The Style. Network and E! Entertainment. While I was pursuing my master in professional writing at the University of Southern California, Facebook launched, social media was born, and I went from broadcast to digital media. A new outlet for storytelling--I was hooked.

I worked with clean water advocate Riverkeeper on their Don’t Frack With NY Water social media campaign which was instrumental in helping to ban fracking in New York State. In 2015, I started a digital video production company to produce video content for companies and brands.


My geeky, analytical side wanted to measure and track the results of the content I was creating, which led me to digital marketing. Because, while getting to the core of why is essential to crafting a compelling story, data and analytics are the key to knowing if your story has truly connected with your audience.

I continue to ask why which is how Los Angeles became my home. Because why suffer through cold weather when there’s a place that’s warm and sunny all year round? A few of the things I love are the beach, morning workouts, a good bargain, Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas, and miniature food.

Founder & CEO @ Yvonne M King

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